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Swimsuit Customization

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For larger view of directions click here

Step 1

Arrow four way by Busy from the Noun Project 
Click, drag, and zoom map to your desired location

Step 2 (For Map Style #1 Only)

Add desired effect from drop down menu
(Located underneath the "Add To Cart" button)
Effects will be applied in the production process
There is no preview besides the chart below

Step 3

Click "Add To Cart" when done with positioning

-The image is an approximation of how final product will look-
-Font size may be a little smaller, and more towns/location markings will likely appear on final product-
-Additionally there may be a discrepancy in the design at the seams-
-These items are custom and no returns will be accepted unless there was an issue with the print/wrong size shipped-
-If your item does not fit, we will help discounting a reorder at 60% Off-

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